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Viaduct and Westfield Acquisition

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The task

The largest real estate transaction in New Zealand in 2014, the acquisition of two commercial property portfolios by GIC, Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, required the delivery of 12 technical due diligence reports in just 10 weeks.

Our thinking

The original scope was widened from providing an expert opinion on the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of the two sites to include a full building, compliance and sustainability review, cost assessment and 10 year CAPEX forecast. Critical to GIC’s decision to acquire the properties was the production of detailed energy assessments for the Viaduct based assets and additional information provided by our team on the impact of energy efficiency on the future value of the portfolio.

The result

The series of reports, incorporating key metrics and the long term sustainability forecast of the portfolio, allowed GIC to plan future fiscal forecasts and to make an informed decision on the acquisition of the properties.