Corporate AdvisoryIndependent property advice

One of the biggest costs in business is real estate, so we work with our clients to ensure they maximise the potential from their leased assets.

Whether you lease a single property or a large diversified portfolio, aligning your property needs with your business objectives is critical to your success. As independent property advisors, we offer unbiased guidance to empower you in making informed decisions for your assets.

Understanding the property market to take advantage of changing market conditions, reducing your liabilities and property costs, and maximising the effectiveness of your leasehold portfolio is a time consuming process that takes experience, knowledge and skill.

Providing conflict-free advice, Hampton Jones acts independently with no agency involvement, ensuring no conflicts of interest. Our approach offers significant cost savings, guiding tenants on property matters, easing negotiation stress, and providing comprehensive assistance for informed decision-making. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Landlords and agents are too often focused on maximising their income streams, however this is unlikely to achieve the best outcome for you as an occupier into the future.   Hampton Jones will work for you as the tenant, and can help you understand and negotiate better terms for your current and future lease needs. 

We can help you to identify the opportunities in your portfolio to lower overheads, and possibilities where you can reduce costs going forwards.  We can identify where early landlord negotiations are likely to result in quick wins for both you and your Landlord.  We will help you gain transparency on whole lease life financial liabilities so that your business can be financially prepared.

We are experienced in budgeting for dilapidations and re-instatements as well as assisting with financial settlement negotiations, identifying opportunities to save you money when leaving a premises. 

Strategy and Planning

  • Whole lease life occupancy cost analysis
  • Due diligence on existing leases
  • Occupancy planning
  • Location analysis
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Strategic planning

Transaction Management

  • Lease acquisition
  • Lease renewals
  • Rent reviews
  • Lease restructuring
  • Exit strategy
  • Lease disposal - sublease/assignment
  • Lease expiriy - vacate premises
  • Technical due diligence
  • Space planning
  • Fitout design and delivery
  • Full budget costing

Portfolio Management

  • Lease abstraction
  • Analyse and manage key data
  • Critical data reporting
  • Benchmarking

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