The next generation of construction leaders?

The next generation of construction leaders?

, Margaret Browne

Hampton Jones have recently had the pleasure of hosting groups of students from the Unitec EE2E Pathways Programme. These Year 12 students from a number of Auckland schools are interested in pursuing careers in the property and construction industry, and wanted to hear ‘from the horse’s mouth’ what it’s actually like.

Our team members talked to the group about how and why they chose their jobs, what they studied at university and obstacles they faced when they were deciding on a career path. They explained what they actually do as Building Surveyors, Project Managers, Architects and Structural Engineers; what they like about their jobs and then showed examples of some of the projects they have worked on. The group talked about how technology is used in industry through BIM and VR, and where the future may lie.

Some of the feedback received from the students included:

“I liked seeing how passionate every one was about their job”

“I liked the stories, gave me hope.”

“It was good because we got more detailed information on the different jobs”

“I liked how we got to see the people at their desks”

“The really good bit was hearing what they actually did on their job. It made it so much more interesting and less boring than when you read about it on the net.”

Overall it has been a really positive experience; hearing the personal stories of the Hampton Jones team and having the opportunity to encourage the next generation of construction professionals along on their journey. A big thank you to Liam, Olivia, Rory, Jimmy and Bryan for being so inspiring!